Travel Management System

Travel Management System - We have implemented a market system so that you can facilitate, streamline and save your time, energy and money. In addition, the tool is free for our customers and very simple to use. Then find everything you need in one system:

Multi-languages, multi-currencies and ready for different cultures, Complete reports and Dashboards (online graphics), Support from our relationship team, Cloud files, with total control and security, without the need for software installation, Single with PCI, Integration with ERP, Agility in the implementation of the system, Training.

Travel and Expenses

End to end process (costs from the point of departure to the point of arrival);
Simplified approval process;
Cost apportionment;
Request control;
Mobile approval platform;
Conference and payment flow;
Provision of corporate card expenses;
Processes according to your company's travel policy;

Travel Management System Benefits

Application for itinerary and accountability, Profile in the system according to the hierarchy of the company, Management of project budgets, More than 1400 combinations in almost 400 policies, Access to the map of travelers and control by flight, Location of passengers, Control of ticket tracking, rescheduling and refunds, visa control, airline miles, vaccinations and document validity, location for airports closest to the destination cities, budget control, carbon offset report, travel expense link, Space to create Black List of hotels, Cash flow, accountability and refunds.

Then get to know CEO Travel's travel management methodology!

Serviço – Sistema de Gestão de Viagens Corporativas CEO Travel

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