Expenses and Refunds

Expenses and Reimbursements - Manage your expenses in a practical and transparent manner. Our system allows not only to manage advances, account payments, credit card expenses, but also several other advantages:

Integration with ERP systems, Full integration with travel processes, Limit / quantity control by type of expense; Approval workflow settings, Expense apportionment by cost center / project.

So take advantage of the benefits that CEO Travel has to offer for your business and count on personalized 24-hour s service and support from our team of experts.

Service: Expense and Reimbursement Control - Corporate Travel

CEO Travel is recognized for its excellence and personalized service and therefore, learn more about the benefits of our corporate tourism services:

Sales of airline tickets online through the website, Specialized consultants, Buy your tickets through the CEO application, Request for quotes online and In addition, we provide a personalized service 24h via phone;

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