Concierge - CEO Travel has an exclusive service channel for the leisure travel of our clients' employees. Here, employees have tariffs and in addition, personalized service.

Add even more advantages of having CEO Travel as your travel manager;
Direct actions with HR and unions of partner companies;
Exclusive rates for assistance with this proposal;
Advantages and differentiated service;
Face-to-face actions in companies.

That's how it is with the CEO, total appreciation of our customers and their employees!

A leisure trip requires a personalized experience. That is, quality suppliers, in addition, a good service and a consultancy that avoids unforeseen circumstances and guarantees a good trip! The CEO Travel team of experts has the best offers and services to make your trip perfect and for you to enjoy incredible destinations!

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CEO Travel is recognized for its excellence and in addition to having personalized service and, therefore, discover more benefits of our corporate tourism services:

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